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Angelus Press is more than just a magazine. It’s a global publishing house dedicated to spreading the Catholic Faith by printing books, magazines, and articles essential to the Catholic Faith and Family. Angelus Press is currently offering the following periodicals for subscription: The Angelus Magazine, The Foreign Mission Trust, The Regina Caeli Report, plus our blog, podcast, and so much more! For the first time in its history, The Angelus is now fully available online and, for this issue only, it’s available entirely free. We’ve worked hard to make this a reality because we know if we aren’t reaching the entire English-speaking world, we’re falling short of our goal. Online access is the only way to reach everyone, everywhere, all the time!

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Welcome to the Angelus Online! The Angelus is now fully available online, optimized for mobile interactivity.

Use the arrows at the bottom of the page to move back and forth in the magazine. The up arrow allows you to get a quick overview of all the articles. The icons in the navigation bar allow you to share or to search content. This new format was designed to make browsing the magazine more enjoyable and the artwork even more beautiful!